Saturday, October 14, 2006

J.P. Nicely Memorial West Falls Park

I awoke Friday the 13th to hear that Buffalo had been hit with 2 feet of snow during the evening. It wasn't much of a surprise since I had met a friend at a local mall and driven home through a sea of abandoned cars and downed power lines, but it was still hard to accept for the first half of October.

I hung out at the hotel until the last possible moment and ignoring travel bans I struck out for the south. I was hoping to drive to the other side of the snow, find some gas, and sneak off to Pennsylvania. It was surreal. I spent over two hours getting from the town of Lockport to Evans. Once I was there in a matter of minutes two feet of snow decreased to one foot to six inches and finally nothing. I found myself in blue skies, green grass, and fall colors. I was left with no choice but to geocache. I stopped at the West Falls Park and was really surprised at its beauty. The peaceful weather of this park was a sharp contrast to the snow andhardships that I had seen the good people of Buffalo struggling with just minutes before.

I found two geocaches at the park and grabbed these two nice panoramas.


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