Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Conneaut Harbor Sand Flats

I took the photos for this panorama while geocaching in late spring. The cache bacame one of my favorites. It is a unique area for Northeast Ohio. While in the vegetation, you are extremely close to birds and if you are quiet they are unaware that you are there.

Allegheny River (south of Buckaloons)

There is a road running parallel to Route 62 along the west side of the Allegheny River south of Route 6 in Warren County. Between that road and the river is an old railroad bed. Large sections of the old railroad are on state game lands and can be hiked. This panorama was taken from the shore of the Allegheny River looking east. Our dog Gwen had great time in the water here. As we rested on a large rock in the stream she jumped in and out of the water.

Cranesville Swamp (Garrett County Maryland)

Swallow Falls (rightfully) draws large numbers of visitors each year to its wonderful falls and majestic hemlocks, but within a very short drive of the falls is the Cranesville Sub-Arctic Swamp. This amazingly diverse area was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1965. It sees few visitors and is a very peaceful place for a short hike. It is a must visit whenever we are in the area. This was a very early composite panorama attempt. The photos date from the fall of 2004.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ali with Becky at Chagrin River

We were walking the dogs in the Cleveland Metroparks one evening. We walked down to the Chagrin River to let the dogs play. I was trying to take a different photo in the other direction. When I turned, I saw Ali and Becky away in the distance.

Overlooking Warren PA

This photo is taken from Washington Park overlooking Warren, Pennsylvania. I knew so little when I made this panorama. I should try it again. Maybe this winter....