Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

We are a tiny bit unconventional so it's okay in our world to celebrate Thanksgiving by caching and making lasagna . The hoilday weekend was going to be short for me since Ali was heading east to her family on Saturday. Thursday and Friday were the big days to spend time together and head out to find some caches. Since Ali was still planning her huge caching trip (oops family visit) on Thursday morning, we got a late start heading to PA. Our choices were limited, but Capt. Jim, Rev. Mike, and our other friends from Erie saved the day by leaving a trail of caches along Elk Creek that we had yet to find. This panorama is near the Girard Millrace cache. Most times I am happy with my photos, but this one fails to catch the beauty of the area. Enjoy the photo, but go find the Girard Millrace Cache for an even better view.